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How much is it going to cost to repair my DJ amplifier in Berkshire?

Giving an exact price is not possible as the cost of DJ amplifier repairs is subject is subject to the brand, model, age of the amplifier and the type of problem you`re having with it.

A no obligation estimate can be provided for DJ amplifier repair Slough.

Will amplifier repair Slough include a complete warranty?

Yes all completed amplifier repairs for Slough Berkshire come with a parts and labour warranty covering the defect diagnosed, the workmanship and any parts which were used.

What is the average turnaround time for DJ amplifier repairs Slough by collection and delivery?

Most DJ amplifier repairs for Slough are finished within three to five working days in the majority of cases.

In some rare cases, a DJ amplifier might take longer because parts needed to be sourced for a specific problem, in which case you shall be informed.

If you have an upcoming gig or event in Berkshire or anywhere in the UK, a prompt enquiry is recommended so that they team can try it`s best to help.

My DJ amplifiers in Slough have started overheating?

A number of problems could be causing this problem?

Also do your speakers still or do you notice crackling noises before it turns off?

Heat is the most common issued with DJ amplifiers as it degrades materials and disrupts the resistance of conducting materials.

Amplifier repair Slough from the team can help diagnose the issue and service it.

Amplifier Repairs Slough aims to offer a convenient amplifier repair service for Slough customers at cost-effective prices.

The technicians have experience in dealing with a range of brands and models of amplifiers. Under most circumstances they have been able to fix most issues that they have come across within a brief space of time.

A helpful customer experience is important to the team as shown by the recent testimonials and they are happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding DJ amplifier repairs Slough with national courier services.

For further information on how to arrange an amplifier repair or to arrange a collection from Slough, complete the website form with your details and a staff member will be in contact quickly.

Amplifier repair Slough

Slough Amplifier Repair

The dedicated repair centre is able to service the whole of Berkshire for amplifier repairs, as large stocks of spare parts are kept alongside access to high quality testing and repair equipment.

Each one of the technicians is highly trained in providing out of warranty amplifier repair Slough in a quick and dependable manner.

DJ amplifier repair Slough is offered for amateur and professional DJs alongside various clubs and venues across the country.

Most amplifier manufacturers are repaired by the team including (but not exclusive to):

• Pioneer
• Numark
• Crown
• Kam
• Allen & Heath
• Citronic
• Cerwin Vega

Here are some of the frequently requested repairs that we offer for customers from Slough:

• No sound
• Distorted sound
• Constant buzzing or humming noise
• Faulty power supply
• Not turning on
• Overheating
• Cosmetic damage
• Broken switches
• Damaged connections

If you have a problem with your amplifier that we have not mentioned do not worry, the technicians have the experience needed to deal with most issues that they come across (subject to parts being acquirable).

Most faults with DJ amplifiers can be fixed at a cost-effective price, so why buy a new amplifier and spend time learning its new controls?

DJ amplifier repairs Slough by courier comes with a warranty, this covers any work carried out by the technicians as well as any parts that have been replaced.

To request your amplifier repair for Slough, just fill in the online form with your details and a member of the team will get in touch with you shortly.

Recent Testimonials

the service was very good as well as very honest. i will be sending my cd system to your company in the new year and not before as you informed me it was unlikely i would get it back before christmas.

steve rees-thompson.

Score 5 out of 5

the lady i spoke to in the office was so helpful, explaining how it worked. i have to say that every stage of the repair of my cd player has been excellent, polite and prompt, from the collection, the diagnosis and finally the returning of it. i would not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone. many thanks.

Score 5 out of 5

nothing left to say very good service !! kind regards ..

Score 4.6 out of 5

they were very good both in response to my enquiry and the repair that followed. the amp is working well now and i will certainly use this company if i ever have the need again. i was a bit unsure of how safe it would be on transportation as i live in the south and they are in the north but that also was no problem and all transportation was arranged for me. i have passed contact details onto friends who may need similar services in the future. once again, thank you for taking care of my amp problem for me.

Score 4.8 out of 5

very impressed with deans attitude and knowledge. thankyou.

Score 4 out of 5

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Recent Enquires

power supply is ok can get fainst sound through cd input but not through main input channel there are no valves in this amp so i think its a power amplifier issue tried off 2 seperate sources guitar and korg tuner no luck advice and estimate please


on both channels the led front plate plays up giving false showings on the level this has been happening a few months. then an our most recent gig the amp went into protect and tripped the rcd of the club every time i switched it onoff. the amp has had a well worn life and done many gigs maybe something has melted and created a neutral to earth fault i am based in newcastle and can drop the amp off today.thanks for your help in advanceangus


hi therei wondered if you did work on fender amps the fuse is blowing and its the first thing in the circuit so poss power transformer also do you do bill m mods i was toying with upgrading the transformer anyway.taalex.


one speaker output is not working. last saturday it wasnt working to start with but cut in after an hour. ib teh s


knobs not working properly. crackling volume issues. also there is a loud irritating buzz. possibly a loose screw apparently.


sound from one speaker only


very little sound even when truned up full not sure if its the head or speker cabinet or both


hi amp from x whilst its on there is interferencesquelch coming from one speaker outlet.iv swapped speakers round to rule out speaker thinking bad earth somewherethe tuner i have with this also requires new bulb if its something you can do


channel blown after cable being trapped and smell of burning. will not power up now.